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Summer Camp

Summer camp at the moment will be an all Eastpoint Karate Club event due to us having to relinquish one of our pitches as they only allow a certain about of people on the pitch, The scout camp have priority over us, Eastpoint students will have the 1st option . Should there any other spaces i will open it up a bit.

Summer School for us is not all about Eastpoint karate we only organise it for everyones benefit, The Sunday Gasshuku its about the company and getting together in a neutral environment, thanks goes to the instructors and students that have grace us with their presence on the previous years. Those people who have not attended before you will find our summer gasshuku is a very laid back affair and you will find the instructors very approachable. We tend to have guest instructors on the Sunday Gasshuku to which we give priority sessions too, as they have made the effort to make time for us. so if you fancy it and you would like to teach a session get in touch, if not get in touch anyway maybe come along and have a chat and meet other karate nuts over a brew or beer. This is an invite only event so instructors please contact me before inviting any other people as we have a limit on numbers. Non Eastpoint students invites will only be sent to the Chief Instructor/s and only with their permission will we allow you to attend as we are not out to upset anyone. once we know what instructors are intending to teach on the Sunday Gasshuku we will put out a schedule for the day.

Teaching Instructors Requirements:
All instructors must have a current licence for their organisation.
All instructors must have their own instructors liability insurance.
Have a title for their session.

Cricket Wood Camp, where we have held our summer school before, this site does include the junior students, the junior students will not be camping overnight,unless they are with their responsable instructor/parent ( any problems with overnight juniors you will be asked to leave site to take them home) so all others will need to arrive 9:30am each morning and be collected at 18:00pm. You will need to bring a packed lunch with you and drinking vessel.

Adult students can camp overnight 3 nights are available costs are involved. Contact me to book your pitch for the nights required.
Camping is charged per person per night
The site has toilets & showers
We have a keep site tidy rule
We have use of the fire pits available on site.
All BBQ's must be off the ground, no open fires allowed
We do share this site with others so be considerate at all times.

Friday 30th July night ( Adults setting up site )
Saturday Eastpoint 31st July Students arrive at 9:30am – 10am Junior students go home at 18:00pm Water pistol fight if allowed & BBQ included ( P Taylor )
Sunday Eastpoint 1st August Students arrive 9:30am - 18:00pm ( Be aware gradings will be part of the day )BBQ ( P Taylor )
Monday Eastpoint 2nd August Students arrive 9:30am everyone to clear site and go home at 13:00pm

Cricket Wood Camp Site
Pylands Lane
SO31 1BH
To book your place PM or call Kev 07966224231
Uninvited guests will not be allowed on site.

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